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Hidekazu Miyoshi

NAME Hidekazu Miyoshi
JPAA ID NO. 8380
EDUCATION Law, Waseda University
SPECIALIZED Litigation, Trials, Intellectual Property , Copyrights, Unfair Competition Prevention Law
PROFILE Mr. Hidekazu Miyoshi is a practicing patent attorney and the Chairman of Miyoshi & Miyoshi. He graduated from Waseda University’s Law Department and since succeeding to the company presidency in 1989, has eagerly upheld the firm’s tradition of meeting each client’s needs in the best way possible. Mr. Miyoshi has extensive experience, especially in the field of patent litigation. He is also involved in client counseling and maximizing the protection of each client’s intellectual property. Mr. Miyoshi served as Vice President of the Japan Patent Attorney’s Association (1996).
He has also made numerous television appearances on NHK and other programs speaking on current trends in the field of industrial property. In his spare time, Mr. Miyoshi enjoys playing golf.