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Shunichi Takahashi

NAME Shunichi Takahashi
JPAA ID NO. 10124
EDUCATION Electrical Engineering, Tokyo Denki University (B.S.)
SPECIALIZED Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications, IoT
PROFILE Mr. Shunichi Takahashi primarily specializes in electronics related patent prosecution, but also handles litigation, client counseling, advisory opinions and dispute resolution. He has expertise in semiconductors, telecommunications and software. Before joining the firm, Mr. Takahashi gained extensive experience working in the research and development of hardware and software relating to image processing, semiconductor lasers and general semiconductors. Mr. Takahashi has been with Miyoshi & Miyoshi for fifteen years and qualified as a patent attorney in 1991. He received a degree in electronics from Tokyo Electronic and Engineering University and often serves as a lecturer on patents and software. He is also a member of the patent committee of the Japan Patent Attorney Association (JPAA). Recently, Mr. Takahashi has lectured on the revisions to the Japanese Patent Law. In his leisure time, he enjoys a variety of sports including tennis, golf, skiing, baseball and Japanese chess.