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Toshio Takamatsu

NAME Toshio Takamatsu
JPAA ID NO. 9832
EDUCATION Niigata University
SPECIALIZED Mechanical Engineering, Control Technology
PROFILE Mr. Toshio Takamatsu is a managing partner and an executive vice-president with Miyoshi & Miyoshi and has been with the firm since 1990. His practice primarily involves the prosecution and litigation of patents dealing with control technology, as well as computer software, and automobile technology.
Mr. Takamatsu also has extensive experience prosecuting patents in Japan for foreign clients. Mr. Takamatsu has taken an active role as a vice-chairman of the patent committee and software committee in the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA). He was also a member of the AIPLA group of foreign activity committee in JPAA.
Mr. Takamatsu published “Trends in U.S. Patent Disputes and U.S. Patent Practice” in the Journal of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Mr. Takamatsu enjoys playing golf at weekends.