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The latest patent status in India(II)"Secret use" becomes a reason for patent invalidity

Masakazu Ito (CEO of Miyoshi & Miyoshi / Patent Attorney, JPAA ID NO. 9550)

Toshio Takamatsu (COO of Miyoshi & Miyoshi / Patent Attorney, JPAA ID NO.9832)

Bapat Vinit (Indian Patent Attorney / Representative Director of SangamIP)

Mr. V. Lakshmikumaran (Attorney at law and Patent Attorney, Managing Partner of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Law Office)

There is the case where the British airline Virgin Atlantic sent a warning letter to an Indian airline called "Jet Airways" suggesting a possibility of infringement on their invention for flattening business class chairs. Jet Airways had filed an opposition before the patent was granted, but it was not admitted. ......