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The Miyoshi & Miyoshi web site (hereinafter referred to as “Our website”) is run by Miyoshi & Miyoshi (hereinafter called “Our office”). Please peruse the conditions for use in advance and then use with your consent and approval. Please understand that we will consider that you have agreed to all of the conditions mentioned.
Incidentally, our office may sometimes change the conditions for use in our website; therefore, please confirm the updated contents.

On Copyrights

Copyrights of the information and contents carried on this website belong to our office unless otherwise provided. We would appreciate, without our consent in writing, that you would not divert or reproduce the site as it is partially or the entirely with some change beyond limit that is obviously recognized as for private use and by other laws.

Matters Prohibited

In using our website, please refrain from such acts as follows:

  1. Acts to infringe on the property or privacy of a third party or our office, or to slander the fame and credit, or acts that may incur risks;
  2. Acts contrary to public order and morality, acts of violating laws, acts linked to any crime, or acts that may incur risks;
  3. Acts to file false applications or notifications such as registering other person's personal information;
  4. Acts to use or provide harmful programs such as a computer virus, or acts that may incur a risk;
  5. Acts which our office judges as inappropriate.

Matters for exemption

We do not bear any responsibility for the following damage/disadvantage caused during use of this website:

  1. Accidents caused on any software/hardware due to the use of our website, contamination by computer virus, and such damages or disadvantages as loss of or damage to data;
  2. Loss of or disadvantage, etc. to data caused between you or between you and a third party due to troubles and the like;
  3. Further, any and all loss, disadvantages, etc., caused by the use of our website.

On recommended OS/browsers

In the preparation of our site, to make you use this site comfortably, we are making effort so that the appearance of the whole page may not be destroyed or the information may not be lacking. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that old browsers display differently from the design of this site. By viewing the the website through a newest possible browser, you are more likely to experience no problems with the services provided by our website.

On JavaScript

A part of services in our website uses JavaScript. When you use the service, please turn the setting of JavaScript on at the side of the browser.

On link

Setting up a link to our web site is free in principle, as long as it meets a given conditions such as doing so without frame.
When you set up a link to our website, please let us know by the inquiry form, describing the contents of the home page, the purpose of the link, your name and contact address and that you have understood the matters to be attended as mentioned below.
In a case where your intention does not meet the purpose of the website and there is a risk to damage the services of this website, your linking itself may be declined. Incidentally, on account of editing and updating, each page in the site may be changed or removed without any notification.
Please be advised beforehand that, even if you set up a link, link rot may occur within time.
Please specify in a position to set up the link that it is the link to our website. In a case where a link is set up from the heading of an article to the article page, it is recommended to do likewise.
It is declined to dispatch source such as linking simply as “Today's News”.
It is not acceptable to link to our website and/or news articles therein for profit such as recruiting advertisements or selling goods by linking to our website's slogan.
We will decline links which display the contents of our website by combining with other contents and those displayed as part of the link homepage even where the contents of our website are displayed solely, such as a so-called frame link.
Moreover, please refrain from a method of linking such as a link which may generally harm the trust of our website.

Law compliance

Interpretation and application of your use of our website and terms of use shall be based on the Japanese laws unless otherwise specified.