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Strategies and Vision

Miyoshi & Miyoshi has provided professional intellectual property services since its establishment in August, 1965. Our services have always been guided by the principle of fairness. Our mission is to respond quickly and accurately to all client needs.
Over the last few years the environment surrounding intellectual property has experienced some tremendous changes. Miyoshi & Miyoshi keeps up with complex scientific and technological advances anticipates them, and We stay abreast of the latest trends in globalization.
Our professionals have a high level of expertise in their chosen fields. They are ready to provide you with superior, value-added intellectual property services in many technical sectors, electrical devices, electronics, semiconductors, machinery, chemicals or materials and in a wide range of key technologies, from telecommunications and software to biotechnology and nanotechnology. We also integrate our professionals' skills at each stage of the creative cycle: Encouraging innovative potential and developing strategies to acquire global intellectual property rights, Making certain that these rights bring due benefits to their owner, Ensuring that these rights are exercised. We promote this integration through an organized yet flexible approach.
Miyoshi & Miyoshi keeps adapting, to ensure that our clients' intellectual property brings them the greatest benefit possible.

Our Strengths

Together with our clients

An innovation grows to be a right after its birth, and then is utilized. The life cycle of intellectual property is long. Our office will consider the intellectual properties of our clients and make a proposal so as to be a reliable partner, and to act together with their interests.

From basic technology to advanced technology

Technology continues to advance. By the fusion of technologies of different fields, new innovations are born. We have professionals of a high level of specialty that can cover diverse professional fields from basic technology to state-of-the-art technology, and further, by a Synergy effect, in which diversified professionals work together as a team, intellectual property rights can be acquired more widely.

Globalization of intellectual properties

As the market has become borderless, the importance of strategic acquirement of intellectual property right is increasing rapidly. The International division of our firm has built a network together with patent attorneys all over the world.

Professional group with skills and individuality

Our professionals involved in the presentation of intellectual property services are able to present a high-quality and timely intellectual property service. We provide in-house training courses and participate in out-of-office and overseas training courses.

The acquisition of rights

The intellectual property services needed by clients are wide. We cover varied peripheral services such as "excavation of innovation" with the clients, consultation, evaluation of intellectual property, presentation of seminars, and contracting, with the business of acquiring rights as our center. When an innovation arises, please consult us.

Coordination with affiliated law office

Disputes over intellectual properties are steadily increasing. Not only do we have a suit legal affairs room with professionals versed in expert opinions, trial cases, and suit cases, but we also cooperate with affiliated law offices, and can provide high-quality and timely services even to a phase of a client's enforcement of right.