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The Latest patent status in India (I)Rapid increase in applications as well as patent litigation

Masakazu Ito (CEO of Miyoshi & Miyoshi / Patent Attorney, JPAA ID NO. 9550)

Toshio Takamatsu (COO of Miyoshi & Miyoshi / Patent Attorney, JPAA ID NO.9832)

Bapat Vinit (Indian Patent Attorney / Representative Director of SangamIP)

Mr. V. Lakshmikumaran (Attorney at law and Patent Attorney, Managing Partner of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Law Office)

While India, among other newly-developing countries, is expected to undergo growth spurts in future industry, little information is available on litigation concerning intellectual properties in India. Mr. Lakshmikumaran, attorney-at-law who provides many companies among upper Fortune 500 enterprises with advice on patent strategy in India and ......