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Hiroyuki Hashimoto

NAME Hiroyuki Hashimoto
JPAA ID NO. 16979
EDUCATION KDD International Telecommunication Institute (Bachelor of Engineering (Elec.)) Shimonoseki Technical High School Electronics class
SPECIALIZED Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications, IoT
PROFILE Mr. Hashimoto has been working at Miyoshi & Miyoshi since 2002. He has over 15 years experience at KDDI Corporation (2nd largest telecom operator in Japan) as an IT consultant, project manager and engineer of international network design. He was also involved in ITU-T standardization during his career at KDDI. He graduated from the KDDI International Telecommunication Institute with a Bachelor of engineering (Elec.). He has passed the Network Specialist Examination (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification) and Chief Transmission and Switching Engineer Examination.

Mr. Hashimoto has prepared and successfully prosecuted hundreds of Japanese as well as foreign patent applications in a wide variety of fields including telecommunications, computer software, mechanical engineering, automotive devices and business methods. He is a member of AIPPI and JPAA. His hobbies are yacht sailing, futsal and participating in motorsport events.