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Masakazu Ito

NAME Masakazu Ito
JPAA ID NO. 9550
EDUCATION Kanazawa University・Nagoya University Guraduate School(Ph.D,Physics)
SPECIALIZED Physics, Optics, Litigation, Trials, Business Methods
PROFILE Dr. Masakazu Ito is a senior partner with Miyoshi & Miyoshi. He earned his doctorate degree in physics from Nagoya University and was a research fellow of the Toyota Physical & Chemical Research Institute from 1982 to 1983. He joined Miyoshi & Miyoshi in 1984. Dr. Ito routinely handles patents in the areas of Mechanics, Optics, Computer software and Business methods. Dr. Ito handles many foreign patent applications for Japanese clients and has successfully obtained various patents across a broad scope in the U.S. and European Patent Offices. He has also assisted US companies in obtaining important patents in Japan. Having developed expertise in patent prosecution, he has also been undertaking counseling work related to various problems with Japanese and US patents.
Dr. Ito edited a videotape entitled “Business model patent” published from Nikkei Newspaper (2000) and published an article entitled “Systems for Dealing with Intellectual Property Infringement in East Asia” in Intellectual Property Management (1995). He also gave a presentation on “Strategies in Dealing With Assertions of Patent Infringement in the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea” along with Jeong Jong Kim, Bruce H. Bernstein and William E. Lyddane at LES Annual meeting in Seoul, 2006.
In his spare time, Dr. Ito enjoys tennis and swimming.